Real estate agent for foreign nationals

Everything from apartment hunting and rental contracts to procedures moving in and out, “real estate agent for foreign nationals” at Ark service is the solution you were looking for!

They won’t let me rent the apartment because I’m a foreigner…

I want to rent an apartment but I don’t have a guarantor…

When starting out in Japan, the first obstacle many foreign nationals face is “finding an apartment.” Apartment hunting in Japan can be very difficult for foreign nationals for various reasons, such as the owner won’t accept foreign nationals or they have trouble negotiating in Japanese.

If you are struggling with apartment hunting or procedures for moving in, please contact us! At Ark service, we will support you in everything from apartment hunting and rental contracts to problems while staying in the apartment, and procedures when moving out.

Don’t worry even if you can’t speak Japanese well. Our professional staff who all speak English, Chinese, will assist you with everything until the end.

Our Main services for foreign nationals

We are very happy to help you throughout your time in Japan. Feel free to contact us!

When moving in

  • Introducing properties that are available for foreign nationals
  • Applications to start use of lifeline utilities (electricity, gas, water) and Wi-Fi
  • Explanation of contract details

While living in apartment

  • Dealing with problems while living in the apartment (problems with home facilities, proper methods of disposing of garbage, etc.)

When moving out

  • Contact landlord for termination of contract
  • Lifeline utilities (electricity, gas, water) cancellation
  • Handle the calculation of refundable deposits

Here is the procedure of placing a rental contract

Contact us

Please contact us by sending inquiry form from ‘Contact’.

Please tell us a detail of your request, such as type of the house, budget for rent, the area you are looking for, the nearest train station and etc…

We have plenty of information about apartment houses for foreign nations so we will find the house which will perfectly meet your wishes!

House viewing

Once you pick up some prospective houses, we will take you to house viewing to see the location, shops and restaurants nearby, and condition of the room. You will be able to walk around and check out neighborhood.

Application for occupancy

As there are not as many houses for foreign nations as for Japanese ones, good condition properties tend to be taken very soon. We recommend you send an application as soon as possible.

Screening for moving-in

There is an inspection when moving into a house.

In general, the inspection will be based on your salary, expiry date of visa, and so on…

In some cases, there might be an examination of Japanese language skills. Please feel free to ask us if you worry about it.


Successfully passing the screening, we will proceed to procedure of the contact. You will sign the contract and the whole process will be done.

Moving into a New House

You will receive the key and move into the new house.

We will support you in starting use of the lifeline utilities.

Your new life in Japan will begin!